Established programming base

To ensure a transparent, automizable and customizable workflow, we rely on the established open-source language R for the implementation of the Climability Toolbox. A further advantage of this language is the availability of packages which provide the 27 core indices by the Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI) under the World Climate Research Program (WCRP). Different R scripts are also used to check, clean and evaluate climate data, and to calculate the different climate indices.


Interactive functions

The implemented R scripts can be adapted and controlled via the additional ETL tool, which also supports the time-controlled generation of climate indices, reports, diagrams and user specific data. The Toolbox is very flexible and extensible.

Features Overview

Data Check

Use pre-defined R scripts to check climate data for errors or inconsistencies.

Data Cleansing

Clean data errors or recalculate climate data by using the provided demo scripts.

Data Management

The Toolbox generates CSV files for the climate data and XML files for the station data.

Indices Calculation

Calculate more than 40 climate indices including the 27 core indices from the ETCCDI.

Reports and graphs

Generate reports for data validation, error detection and data management. Create Walter-Lieth diagrams and other graphs dynamically.

ETL Tool

Use an ETL tool to adapt and monitor data processing and time-controlled data generation.